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Join 85 Broads Phoenix and the YMCA in Fundraising Campaign for Kids and Families

Dear Broads & Supporters,

Join us in helping some kids and families have a better, healthier, more active summer!
The Strong Kids & Families Campaign run by the Legacy Foundation Chris-Town YMCA has been identified as a charitable/philanthropic activity that 85 Broads Phoenix Chapter is supporting by inviting 85 Broads Phoenix members and friends of 85 Broads to participate in assisting with this funding raising campaign.

ALL of the funds raised from this campaign are used to help those who otherwise could not afford to participate in various YMCA programs and services including medical and dental services.

Indicate your interest here in helping out with this campaign by sending an email to Marie Dalloway.  Please respond to this email within two weeks of receiving it.

If you respond to this email by indicating an interest in assisting with this campaign, you will receive an email notice in about two weeks, which will give you information about when   an overview presentation will be given by a YMCA staff person to provide more information and details about the campaign and about how you can contribute.

Reply now to indicate your interest in attending the Campaign overview presentation.

We are looking for both 85 Broads members and nonmembers to participate.
Thanks in advance for distributing to any individuals, groups or organizations that you think would be interested.

Hope you’re all having a great summer!

All the best,
Marie Dalloway
Member, 85 Broads Phoenix

P.S. The Legacy Foundation YMCA has done a wonderful job in expanding activity areas, programs and services for children, teens, and families with a new gymnasium and new medical and dental clinics at their location.  The Strong Kids and Families Campaign ensures that ALL children and families who want to participate in the YMCA activities and who seek medical or dental services can have those provided.

Let’s help the Legacy Foundation YMCA make that happen. Give some of your time and make this campaign a success.
For more information and to indicate your interest in attending the overview presentation about this campaign, please email Marie Dalloway.

In the overview presentation you will learn how you can participate through calling for pledge donations and by attending YMCA events and handing out information on the Strong Kids and Families Campaign.

Let’s give some kids a healthier, happier break this summer by making fun activities and important services accessible to them.

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